International Journal of Hematology and Oncology 2019, Vol 29, Num 3 Page(s): 009-017

Teoman DOĞRU1, Fikret ARPACI2, Bekir ÖZTÜRK2, Ali Uğur URAL3, Ferit AVCU3, Alper SÖNMEZ1, Şeref KÖMÜRCÜ2, Ahmet ÖZET2, Aysel PEKEL4, Mustafa TURAN1, Ali ŞENGÜL4

1Gülhane School of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine, ANKARA
2Gülhane School of Medicine Department of Medical Oncology, ANKARA
3Gülhane School of Medicine Department of Hematology, ANKARA
4Gülhane School of Medicine Department of Immunology, ANKARA

Keywords: Bone marrow transplantation, Immune reconstitution
In this prospective study, the immune reconstitution of the T, B and NK cells, immunoglobulin and complements were investigated in the early posttransplant period of BMT.

Twenty patients (16 male, 4 female; mean age 27.55) were followed up for six months. Peripheral blood samples were obtained on the 14th, 28th, 100th and 180th days.

CD4+ cell count was below the normal till the 180th day. CD8+ cell count showed a rapid increase after the first month and reached to normal at six months. CD4/CD8 ratio was below 1. NK cell count was above the normal during the first 3 months. B cell count was normal. IgA levels were below the normal till the 100th day. IgM levels were normal.

IgG levels showed a significant decline after first month. C3c level were above the normal and C4 level were normal. In conclusion, this study indicates that NK cells show more rapid recovery than the CD8+ and CD19+ cells, while CD4+ cells are still below normal, six months after BMT.