International Journal of Hematology and Oncology 2021, Vol 31, Num 4 Page(s): 110-114


Ankara Numune Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi 1. Dermatoloji Kliniği, ANKARA

Keywords: Cutaneous paraneoplastic syndroms, cancer
Paraneoplastic syndromes are remote signs of cancer and might be detected before, during or after the diagnosis of a primary cancer. Identification of paraneoplastic syndromes might be important for early diagnosis and treatment. Since dermatological lesions are easily detactable, these symptom and signs can be the reason for a cancer patient to refer to a physician. “Cutaneous paraneoplastic syndromes” usually follow a paralel course with the underlying malignancy. Cutaneous paraneoplastic syndromes can be classified as disorders of keratinization, pigmentation impairment, neutrophylic dermatoses, endocrine and metabolic lesions, bullous lesions and miscellaneous lesions. In this review the most common cutaneous paraneoplastic syndromes are overviewed.