International Journal of Hematology and Oncology 2019, Vol 29, Num 3 Page(s): 120-123
Metastatic Malignant Melanoma of The Stomach in an Oculocutaneous Albino Patient: First Case

Halil KAVGACI1, Bulent YILDIZ1, Mustafa KARAGULLE2, Evren FIDAN1, Umit COBANOGLU3, Feyyaz OZDEMIR1, Akif CINEL4

1Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Oncology, Trabzon, TURKEY
2Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Medicine,Department of Internal Medicine, Trabzon, TURKEY
3Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Medicine,Department of Pathology, Trabzon, TURKEY
4Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Medicine,Department of Surgery, Trabzon, TURKEY

Keywords: Melanoma, Oculocutaneous, Albinism, Stomach, Metastasis
Malignant melanoma is very rare in the case of oculocutaneous albinism and approximately thirty cases have been reported in the literature. Sixty year old male patient with oculocutaneous albinism was operated four years ago at the right leg due to amelanotic malignant melanoma. The patient taken under follow-up postoperatively, presented with upper gastrointestinal system bleeding. Endoscopic biopsy was reported as malignant melanoma metastasis and than total gastrectomy was performed. There is yet no case with gastric metastasis presenting with oculocutaneous albinism and amelanotic malignant melanoma in the literature. The clinical aspects of this unique case are presented.